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Superfood for your skin – Kakadu!

Vitamin C

Plums are everyone’s all-time favourites, but who knew that plums would be the secret to the youthful and glowing skin everyone desires? Dr.G Kakadu Plum and Orange Glow Gel does just that, giving your face a natural luminosity while keeping your skin as young as you are. The gel is curated especially to give you a refreshing lightweight moisturising feel while the rich Vitamin C combats dullness, ageing etc. But what’s so special about Kakadu plum and why is so good for your skin?

Dr G Kakadu Plum and Orange Glow Gel


Kakadu plum is a tiny, pale olive-green, ovoid fruit which is fibrous in nature and has a tart and bitter taste. I has been popular in native Australia for its medicinal properties for thousands of years. The Kakadu plum has a wide range of potential health advantages. Vitamin C found in abundance in Kakadu plums is necessary for maintaining a strong immune system and may help lower the risk of chronic illnesses including cancer and heart disease. Inflammation in the body, which is connected to many chronic health disorders, can be reduced by antioxidants. Indigenous Australians have long utilised Kakadu plum to treat various illnesses, including infections, skin ailments, and stomach problems. Research shows Kakadu plum extracts may potentially possess antibacterial and antifungal qualities, according to some studies. Lately, It has been garnering attention across the globe for not only its health benefits but also for its skin-plumping benefits.

From improving the skin tone and repairing damaged skin, Vitamin C is a legendary skin active that helps to boost your skin’s health. Imagine what would happen if the content of Vitamin C was increased to the optimum capacity.  Oranges have approximately 70mg of Vitamin C per 100g but that is increased a hundredfold in Kakadus with every 100g of Kakadu containing approximately 7000 mg of Vitamin C. Kakadu is one of the richest natural sources of Vitamin C in the world, which makes it great for skincare enthusiasts.

Benefits of Kakadu

Kakadu plum can have several benefits when applied topically on the skin, here are some plump-tastic skin benefits of Kakadu!

Rich in Vitamin C:

Natural Vitamin C is very effective in removing dead skin cells, fighting dullness and improving skin tone. It protects the skin from free radicals, which can cause damage and premature ageing. Vitamin C is also essential for collagen production, which helps maintain elasticity and keeps the skin firm. It aids in get ridding of dead skin cells gently as well. Some studies have also suggested that plum extracts have natural antibacterial properties, which makes it effective on acne-prone skin.


In addition to Vitamin C, It plum also contains other important antioxidants, such as ellagic acid and gallic acid. These antioxidants help protect your skin from environmental stressors such as pollution and UV damage and can help reduce inflammation.

Kakadu plum extract helps brighten the skin and improve the overall skin tone. It also helps fight dullness and reduces the appearance of dark spots. Kakadu plum extract also has some natural skin-lightening properties, which control the production of melanin and brighten your complexion naturally improving skin tone over a period of time.


High antioxidant content in Kakadu plum helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, to keep the skin looking youthful. It helps treat the dark circles under your eyes, making it the ideal antidote for signs of premature ageing.

Kakadu plum is a powerful ingredient with myriad benefits for the skin. Its high vitamin C and antioxidant content make it a great choice for anyone looking to protect and nourish their skin, while its anti-ageing, acne-fighting, and skin-lightening properties make it ten times better for your skin. The extracts of this largely unexplored and unique Vitamin C-rich Kakadu plum and Orange is encapsulated in the Dr. G Kakadu Plum and Orange Glow Gel to give you radiant and lustrous skin. This gel is refreshing and the zesty aroma supplements your summer hydration needs perfectly. The anti-ageing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, brightening and lightening benefits make it a must-have to combat summer skincare problems. These properties of Kakadu not only give you an instant dose of hydration but also improve your skin’s health for good.

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