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7 Spring Skincare Tips To Get Your Skin Looking Fresh and Radiant 

Wondering how to prep your skin for spring? Follow these skincare tips to achieve a healthy spring glow!

Finally, spring is here! But months of freezing temperatures have left our skin feeling itchy and dry. As the weather gets warmer, you need to tweak your skincare routine to help your skin adapt to the changes.

So how should you prep your skin for the warmer and brighter days ahead? Here are our top spring skincare tips to rejuvenate your skin and get your healthy glow on:

  • Exfoliate your skin

One of the top spring skincare tips is to exfoliate your skin regularly. Many people tend to stay away from exfoliation during the colder months as it can dry out the skin. However, spring is the perfect time to reincorporate exfoliation into your skincare routine, as your skin can tolerate it better during the warmer months. Exfoliation can help you get rid of dry and flaky skin accumulated during winter and reveal healthy and glowing skin.

  • Switch to a lighter moisturiser

Winters leave our skin dry and flaky, making it crucial to nourish and hydrate your skin. During winters, we used emollients and occlusives to prevent moisture loss, but for spring, switch up your moisturiser. We recommend opting for lighter, gel-based formulas to keep your skin hydrated during the spring. For a healthy spring glow, try Dr G Kakadu Plum and Orange Glow Gel.

  • Sun protection

One of the most important skincare tips is to wear sunscreen. You should use sunscreen regardless of the weather or season. It is crucial to pay more attention to sun care during the spring season as you will spend more time outdoors. For complete sun protection, you should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Use a lightweight mineral sunscreen to prevent stickiness.

  • Incorporate vitamin C into your skincare

If you want to prevent hyperpigmentation and sunspots, antioxidants are a great solution. They are especially beneficial in the spring and summer months to avoid UV damage. Another one of our important spring skincare tips is to incorporate vitamin C serum into your skincare routine. The Dr G active C serum is a powerful antioxidant and peptide serum that can fight sun damage and promote a radiant complexion.

  • Switch up your retinoid or retinol usage

Want a brighter and fresher complexion this spring? Ramp up your retinoid or retinol usage. If you are dealing with post-winter dull skin, retinoid is a godsend as it boosts skin cell turnover and collagen stimulation and reduces pore size. In winters, your skin is too dry to handle a retinoid well. However, during the warmer months, your skin can tolerate it well. Take it slow and increase your retinol or retinoid usage gradually. And don’t forget to use sunscreen the morning after.

  • Add facial mists to your skincare routine

Who doesn’t love spring? But with spring comes sweating. If your skin feels sweaty and greasy during the warmer months, facial mists can help. They can cool the skin, calm skin irritation, eliminate excessive sweating, and help keep your skin clean and clear. And they are very refreshing! Try our Dr G Avo Glow Mist. Enriched with avocado and bamboo water extracts, this gentle face mist is perfect for spring as it hydrates, soothes and refreshes your skin.

  • Don’t forget your lips

One of the most important spring skincare tips is to take good of your lips. Winters can leave your lips dry and chapped. To get healthy and plump lips during spring, shower them with some much needed TLC. Incorporate a nourishing lip balm, like the Dr G Berry Lip Balm, in your spring skincare routine. And don’t forget to use a chapstick with SPF to prevent discolouration.

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