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A saviour for your dry skin!

Dry skin may be caused by a surprisingly wide range of circumstances. The most frequent ones include the environment, heredity, over-washing, irritation exposure, and change in weather. Often itching, flaky and scaly skin is associated with dry skin. Treating dry skin with home remedies and no expert help can be tricky. Skin By Dr. G has curated a Dry skin care kit to give you visibly plumper, firmer and hydrated skin. The kit is full of lightweight yet ultra-hydrating products. The Dry skincare Kit contains the following:

Replenishing Dr.G Hydra Cool Plumping Serum

Dry Skin Kit

A special replenishing composition, Dr. G Hydra Cool Plumping Serum fights dryness, dullness, and restores suppleness. The serum also acts as a soother for skin that is in distress. Anyone with normal skin, as well as those who occasionally experience sunburn, redness, or post-procedure irritation, can use this refreshing serum on a regular basis. It keeps the skin looking younger by retaining moisture and hydrating the skin. It has skin-firming properties and also helps with mildly combating acne.

Intensely Hydrating Dr.G HA Intense Moisturizer

Intensely Hydrating

A cutting-edge, light moisturiser filled with the benefits of Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Esters is the Dr. G. HA Intense Moisturiser. A prebiotic Chlorella Algae combination aids in rebalancing the skin's natural microbiome to promote healthy-looking skin. It contains a clinically proven combination of key barrier lipids that help to improve the skin’s natural resilience and support barrier recovery. Hyaluronic acid helps to retain moisture and lessen the appearance of fine wrinkles when combined with Echinacea, Centella Asiatica, and Aloe Vera. The moisturizer is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and non-irritating. The moisturizer keeps the skin firm, protects the skin from environmental stressors and improves the overall skin texture.

Berry care for your lips with Dr.G Berry Lip Balm

Shea butter, Kokum butter, and strawberry oil, which are included in the Dr. G. Berry Lip Balm, is beneficial for retaining moisture. The balm reduces lines and other signs of ageing from your lips by locking in moisture, forming a barrier of protection. The Lip Balm's Kokum Butter restores plumpness. Strawberries' natural sweetness will help to shield your lips from environmental irritants like pollution and dirt. It hydrates and brightens your lips, and helps prevent chapped lips.

Sculpt your results with the Dr.G Rose roller

The Quartz Dr.G Rose Roller is entirely constructed of jade stone. Stress relief and attractiveness are both benefits of natural rose quartz crystal. It increases microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. It calms your skin and aids in eradicating ageing symptoms. Your skin seems finely sculpted as a result. The Rose Roller, helps the moisturisers and serums to penetrate deep into the skin and get absorbed effectively, giving you hydrated, plump skin.

Here’s your fool-proof guide to hydrating and moisturising skin!

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