The Best Face Oil To Get Glowing Skin

Dr G Face Oil: The Best Face Oil To Get Glowing Skin

Bid adieu to dull skin with the best face oil designed for all skin types

There is a recipe that will satisfy all of your skincare needs, whether they are glowing skin, intense nourishment, or firmer skin: face oil. Contrary to popular assumption, face oil is not intended to hydrate your skin, but rather it is key to providing moisture while also preserving your skin from water loss. It does not penetrate your skin as deeply as a serum does, but sits on top. This is why facial oil is classified as occlusive.

Face oil is typically recommended for dry skin only but we are here to introduce you to the Dr G Face Oil, one that suits all skin types. Here’s a list of reasons you need to add this product to your routine to combat dull skin stat!

#1 Ideal for all skin types

The idea of applying face oils to their skin terrifies those with oily skin types. They think that having more oil is equivalent to having more skin issues, which is what they're all attempting to fix. The truth is- all skin types benefit from facial oils. You just need to find the right one for your skin. Fortunately, Dr G Face Oil puts an end to your hunt for the ideal face oil to counteract dull skin. The elegant, lightweight feel of the face oil makes it suitable for all skin. Just take a few drops and apply them at night to reveal glowing skin the next day.

#2 Helps lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation

The unique formulation of Dr G Face Oil addresses a variety of skin concerns. Including the reduction of persistent spots and hyperpigmentation. This face oil, which is packed with the goodness of numerous plant extracts, works on the skin's deepest layers to lighten hyperpigmentation. Additionally, it contains a potent combination of vitamins C and E. Both of which have been shown in studies to effectively combat dull skin, cures dark spots and protects skin from environmental stresses including pollution and sun damage.

#3 Calming and replenishing on the skin

The Dr G Face Oil not only takes care of dull skin but also promises to calm you down at the end of a long day. Make the most of this face oil with the Dr G. Butterfly Gua Sha for a more relaxing experience. In a metaphysical sense, the butterfly shape of the gua sha carries healing energy that encourages self-love and opens the heart chakra. Combining both is a treat for your skin and your mind!

#4 Luxurious blend of various plant extracts and oils

Jojoba oil, marula oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, ginseng extract, and many other ingredients are all present in the face oil. So, making it similar to a daily multivitamin for your skin. Using it every day helps to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

#5 Dermatologically formulated and tested

The Dr G Face Oil is a dermatologist-formulated and tested product. Which means it is designed to be suitable for Indian weather conditions. It is a unique face oil that blends extensive research, modern science and nature’s healing. It is safe to use for all skin types, especially sensitive skin. You will not regret using it!


The fan favourite Dr G Face Oil uses natural oils and plant extracts along with science-backed ingredients, all of which contribute to its efficacy. You can easily restore your lost radiance and get rid of dull skin with consistent usage of face oil.

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