Healthy Habits For Clear Skin From a Dermatologist

Five Healthy Habits For Clear Skin From a Dermatologist

With these tips in hand, clear skin is only a few steps away!

Every woman's dream is to have flawless and clear skin. However, with today's polluted atmosphere, hectic schedules, and uninvited pimples, it appears nearly difficult to retain that healthy skin. The number one factor that prevents clear skin is sudden acne breakouts caused by stress, hormonal fluctuations, lifestyle, and other factors. Here is a list of 5 simple, healthy practices that include acne tips to help you achieve clear skin in no time!

Tip #1 Choose a face wash suitable for your skin type.

Cleansing your skin the right way is one of the simplest and easiest acne tips for getting clear skin. Your ideal face wash should remove impurities and excess sebum while being gentle on the skin. It should be pH balanced and have ingredients that specifically target acne. The Dr G Sebum Control Face Wash checks all the boxes for being the ideal face wash. It's laced with salicylic acid and tea tree that works on reducing existing pimples while also preventing new ones.

Tip #2 Avoid popping pimples, treat them right.

Pimples are extremely annoying, and you despise them, even more, when you have to attend a special occasion. All you want to do is pop them and make them disappear. That, however, would be a dreadful decision you’ll regret! Another one of the acne tips that will be useful in the future times is treating them with pimple patches or spot correctors. These are excellent for treating all kinds of acne, and since the rest of your skin is not impacted, you can even wear makeup over them.

Tip #3 Give your skin a weekly detox.

Excessive sebum production, clogged pores, buildup and acne; all have something in common. With occasional skin detox, they can be addressed and avoided. And face masks are the ideal way to do this!

Moringa Glow Pack

The Dr G Moringa Glow Pack is an excellent face mask that deeply cleans your pores and rejuvenates the skin. The mask is suitable to use for all skin types without causing any irritation. It is a dermatologist-formulated and tested mask that is sure to help you achieve clear skin.

Tip #4 Choose a hydrating and lightweight moisturiser.

Dr G HA Intense Moisturizer

Moisturising your skin is essential for maintaining healthy, clear skin. Using a moisturiser also aids in replenishing your skin and lessens the appearance of wrinkles. But here's your next acne tip, if you're moisturising and still getting pimples: pick a non-comedogenic, light moisturiser like the Dr G HA Intense Moisturiser to protect your skin! It is a dreamy, lightweight, and non-comedogenic moisturiser that absorbs quickly and doesn't clog your pores. Hyaluronic acid, centella asiatica, and aloe vera are ingredients that help to seal in moisture and strengthen the skin's natural barrier.

Tip #5 Practice using sunscreen daily.

One of the greatest and simplest ways to protect the appearance and health of your skin at any age and achieve the clear skin of your dreams is to wear sunscreen.

Sunburn, skin cancer, and early ageing can all be avoided by using sunscreen regularly each day. Furthermore, while incorporating skincare actives into your routine, sunscreen is critical because your skin becomes photosensitive. Use a sunscreen that has a broad spectrum, SPF 50, a PA++++ rating, and is non-comedogenic.

What should I do to get clear skin? Doesn't appear to be a puzzling question anymore, does it? With the help of these healthy acne tips, anyone can have a radiant and clear complexion without much effort.

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