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5 Holy Grail Skincare Products to Relieve Dry Skin on Face

Stock up on these expert-recommended skincare essentials for dry skin

When it comes to prioritising a skincare routine, each skin type faces a unique set of challenges. This may come as no surprise, but creating a skincare regimen for people with dry skin on face can be difficult. Aside from your general skin type, factors such as spending extended periods in air conditioning, taking extremely hot or cold showers, living in a dry, hot region, and over-exfoliating your skin may all be contributing factors to your skin's dryness. If you're stumped about how to care for your dry skin on your face, try these skincare products that Dr Geetika recommends!

Skincare products for dry skin

#1 A gentle cleanser

People with dry skin on face should always stay away from cleansers that strip away moisture from the skin. Always opt for a gentle and sulphate-free cleanser that has additional ingredients that hydrate the skin.

The Dr G Gentle Facial Foam is an effective, pH-balanced cleanser that gets rid of dirt and other impurities without causing any irritation or dryness. This skincare product has a super mild foam along with soothing ingredients such as tea tree extracts, betaine, green tea, and other antioxidants that help relieve dry skin.

#2 A refreshing face mist

A face mist goes a long way for dry skin on face. It refreshes the skin and adds an added layer of moisture to your skin. Moreover, using a facial mist in between your serums and moisturisers also helps them absorb and penetrate better into the skin. Choosing a face mist is made easier for you with the Dr G Avo Facial Mist. This skincare product not only hydrates the skin but also gives a healthy glow along with soothing it. It is also rich in antioxidants such as vitamin C and E that aids in collagen stimulation in skin.

#3 A soothing aloe vera gel

An aloe vera gel might just be a boon for your dry skin on face. It acts as a humectant that instantly gives your skin a boost of hydration without causing any irritation. It is an excellent antidote for dry skin on face that leaves your skin dewy and well-hydrated. The Dr G Aloe Vera Gel has a pure 99% of aloe vera with no added colour or artificial fragrance; ideal to take care of skin that is prone to irritation, eczema, acne, or sunburn.

#4 A hydrating serum

Serums are a great addition to a skincare routine for dry skin on face. Although it seems easy, layering can be tricky for dry skin. Serums for dry skin are usually very heavy on the skin which may cause pilling. Opting for a lightweight serum with the right, dry skin-friendly ingredients like the Dr G Hydra Cool Plumping Serum is the way to go. It is infused with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and niacinamide to combat dryness and leave your skin supple and plump. Along with intense hydration, it also delivers anti-ageing benefits.

#5 An ultra-nourishing moisturiser

A moisturiser is a no-brainer for all skin types, especially dry skin beauties.

The Dr G HA Intense Moisturiser nourishes the skin and seals in moisture without making it look greasy or heavy.

This skincare product acts like the best friend for your dry skin because it promises to improve your skin’s lipid barrier and rebalance your skin microbiome which is essential to maintain healthy and happy skin.

Dry skin can be frustrating but it shouldn’t come in the way of feeling your best self. The cocktail of all these skincare products is a surefire way to relieve dry skin as well as ace your routine.

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