Tips to Apply Face Oil

Five reasons you need to include face oils in your skincare regime

A good hair massage is incomplete without oil, but adding oils to your skincare routine is not as popular. However, recently face oils have taken the internet by storm. From celebrities to influencers, everyone has been adding a few drops of face oil to their skincare regime. In case you are wondering if face oils are for you, here are 5 reasons to help you decide!

  1. Regulates oil balance

If your skin feels dry and dehydrated, it’s probably the lack of oils in your skin. Our skin naturally produces oil which helps to keep our skin glowing and hydrated, but when the natural oils are not enough, you need external aid to regulate the oil balance in your skin. Face oils include necessary fatty acids that help retain and moisturise. They act as a source of vital nutrients that cure dry and chapped skin.

  1. Anti-ageing properties

Wrinkles and crow’s feet although natural, can hamper one’s self-confidence. While reversing the signs of ageing naturally is a dream, face oils can help slow down the process. It won’t take ages off your face overnight, but rather gradually soften wrinkles and promote cell renewal. Face oils infused with Vitamins A, C and E have anti-ageing properties that even out the texture of your skin over time, and give you youthful skin.

  1. Locks moisture

If moisturizing creams leave your skin feeling dry after some time, it’s probably because you are not ‘sealing the moisture in’. A few drops of face oil after the moisturiser helps retain the moisture in your skin. Owing to the lightweight texture of the oil, it penetrates deep into the skin, nourishing and hydrating it for long hours. To top it up, face oil acts as a protective layer against pollutants and other environmental stressors.

  1. Flawless base

Prepping your skin is an important step people often overlook. While primers work great for normal to oily skin types, face oils make a whole world of difference for dry skin. Tossing your regular makeup primer with a face oil as your base can make blending makeup effortless and save you the hassle of touch-ups. Prepping with face oil ensures your makeup doesn’t look patchy or cakey.

  1. Luminous Glow

A healthy glow is all we want, and a natural way to achieve it is with face oils. Face oils with anti-inflammatory properties soothe dry and chapped skin and heal acne marks. Consequently, the skin is nourished and gradually unveils a healthy glow. Face oils with active ingredients like the Dr G Face Oil also help in revitalising damaged skin cells, giving your skin a long-lasting luminous glow.

The Dr G Face Oil

If you have been looking for an oil that gives you the perfect glow, has anti-ageing benefits and something that can rejuvenate your skin you might want to give Dr G Face Oil a shot.

P.S. A few drops go a long way.

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