Types of facial tools

How To Choose A Facial Tool For YOU!

Investing in the right facial tool can do miracles for flawless, youthful skin

When we see someone with radiant and clear skin, we must acknowledge the effort and dedication that goes into its maintenance. Behind flawless skin is hours of skincare, maintenance, and a knack to choose the right products and tools. Whether it’s a gua sha, massager, or face roller—there are a variety of facial tools available today. But which should be your choice? Here we have a few options to help you choose the best tool for your skin’s requirements.

Types of facial tools

Here we have listed some popular facial tools and how they are used along with their benefits. This will give you a clear overview of which tool will suit your skin type the best.

Face roller

Aface roller is made from therapeutic stones like rose quartz, jade, obsidian, and so on. The tool is designed to massage the face and reduce puffiness, redness, and clear toxins by improving blood circulation. If you use it correctly, it gives instant firmness to the skin.

The concept behind a face roller is to gently massage and help your skin absorb the products better. But make sure you choose products made of authentic stone such as the Dr. G Rose Quartz Face Roller. This is the best beginner’s tool if you are new to face massages at home.

Gua sha

Much like the face roller, a gua sha is also made from therapeutic stones but has a very unique shape. Each curve of the stone is meant to contour a specific part of the face. It is a relatively advanced facial tool and requires more skill to use correctly.

Gua sha’s help to lift and sculpt the face by draining the lymph nodes. The scraping motion on the skin improves your blood circulation and muscle stimulation. The Dr. G Butterfly Gua Sha can reduce jaw pain or any similar muscle pain in the face. Over time, it also prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Sculpting massager face roller

Dr G Face Sculpt Plus

The sculpting massager face roller is a simple multi-tasking tool. The unique design of such a tool, like the Dr. G Sculpt+ Massager Face Roller helps to rejuvenate the skin and tighten facial muscles. It is a high-frequency vibrating tool that can promote blood flow in your skin. The round head ensures the stimulation is gentle, making it an effortless and beginner-friendly tool.

Skin rejuvenator massager

Some modern skin massager tools are electronic. The Dr. G Skin BFF is a cleansing and massaging tool combined. You get the benefit of a face massage and stimulating the skin while cleaning the skin daily.

Dr G Skin BFF

Simply fix your cotton pad soaked in makeup remover or cleanser in the machine and turn it on. Then let it vibrate and massage your skin as well as clean it on-the-go. The result is a lifted appearance and clear skin.

Facial tools are equally important in taking care of your skin. At Skin by Dr. G, we have a plethora of skincare products and tools. When used together, they can help you achieve clear and radiant skin, which remains consistent for years to come.

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