How to Give Yourself a Gua Sha Massage

How to Give Yourself a Gua Sha Massage

Do you want to jump on the facial massage wagon? Here’s the correct way to give yourself a gua sha massage for a contoured face.

Whether you have a puffy face or want to tackle tired-looking, saggy skin, a reinvigorating facial massage can do it all. Recently, a facial massage technique that promises to sculpt your face has been gaining a lot of popularity on the internet–the gua sha. But what is gua sha, and how can it transform your skin?

What is a gua sha?

Gua sha refers to an ancient Chinese technique that was originally used in traditional Chinese medicine to relieve pain and promote healing. Over time, this skin-scraping technique has evolved into a facial massage that promises incredible skin benefits.

What are the benefits of a gua sha massage?

Are you wondering if you should incorporate gua sha massage into your skincare routine? Here are some incredible benefits of this facial massage:

  • Improves circulation

A gua sha massage can instantly brighten up your complexion and give you a flushed appearance. The scraping motions used during the massage enhance the flow of blood and oxygen to your skin, thus boosting skin health.

  • Tackles puffiness

Do you wake up with a puffy, swollen face? Indulging in a gua sha massage can help get rid of puffiness because it eliminates excess fluid and toxins by promoting lymphatic drainage in your face.

  • Boosts collagen production

If you are dealing with fine lines, wrinkles, and saggy skin, you must incorporate a gua sha massage into your weekly skin rituals. It promotes a youthful complexion and minimises the appearance of signs of ageing by stimulating collagen production.

How to give yourself a gua sha massage?

Are you wondering how to reap the incredible skin benefits of a gua sha massage? Here’s how to give yourself a gua sha massage:

  • Cleanse your face

Before starting the massage, thoroughly cleanse your face. Also, ensure that your tool is clean.

  • Apply a facial oil

Since gua sha massage involves scraping motion, you need to apply a nourishing facial oil before starting the massage. It will help the tool glide off easily, thus preventing friction.

  • Start with the neck

Since gua sha boosts your skin health by improving lymphatic drainage, it is advised to start the massage with gentle, upward strokes starting at the base of your neck. Slowly work your way up to your jawline. Perform this motion 10 times.

  • Move to the jaw

The next step involves moving the gua sha along your jawline. Repeat this motion ten times on each side of the jaw.

  • Sculpt your cheeks

Once you are done massaging your jaw, use the flat side of your gua sha tool to gently massage your cheeks. Start at the middle of your face and work your way up and outward to your temples.

  • Depuff the under eye

Gua sha works wonders for puffy bags under the eyes. Starting at the inner corner of the eye, gently glide the tool towards your temples to depuff the area.

  • Finish with the forehead

As the last step of your gua sha massage, use upward strokes to lift the forehead skin and relax the muscles.

If you are looking for a premium gua sha tool to depuff and sculpt your face, try Dr G Butterfly Gua Sha Stone. It will help revitalise your skin and give you a more lifted and radiant appearance.

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