How To Use A Vitamin C Serum

How To Use A Vitamin C Serum

A quick guide on how to use vitamin c serum to make the most of it

A serum is an essential part of any good skin care routine. It's the next step after cleansing and helps rehydrate skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Vitamin C serums are particularly good at brightening and evening out skin tone. They are also anti-aging powerhouses, reducing the look and depth of wrinkles. But can anyone use it? And how to use vitamin C serum correctly? Let’s break them one each time.

What is vitamin C serum?

What is vitamin C serum

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help improve the appearance of your skin by increasing collagen production, reducing inflammation, and protecting against harmful UV rays. It is also a popular anti-aging product that can prevent wrinkles, neutralise free radicals and moisturise the skin.

While vitamin C has been studied for its antioxidant properties and ability to brighten the skin, it's hard to translate those benefits into real-world results. So here's a look at what Vitamin C can do and how to use vitamin C serum.

How to use vitamin C serum?

How to use vitamin C serum

Vitamin C face serums are a great way to jump-start your anti-ageing routine. However, they are reactive. So when you first use them, they may cause your skin to turn red, itch, or even burn! Although it's a little scary, it's also part of the process, and your skin will get used to the vitamin C serum, making it the perfect addition to your routine. The first step on how to use vitamin C serum is choosing the right one.

Vitamin C, in its pure form, that is, L-ascorbic acid is very potent, unstable, and irritating for the skin. Therefore, opting for a gentle yet effective vitamin C derivative like ethyl ascorbic acid is best.

Another thing to keep in mind is concentration. If you’re a beginner, choose a serum with a 5% concentration and gradually increase the potency as your skin is used to it.

Lastly, choose a serum with ingredients other than vitamin C that works to treat your skin concerns. For example, ingredients like ferulic acid, vitamin E, green tea, and peptides increase the efficacy of vitamin C in treating various skin issues.

Active C Serum

Dr G Active Vitamin C Serum

The Dr G Active Vitamin C Serum is one product that ticks off all the boxes. Due to its potency, effective ingredients, and lightweight texture, it is the ideal serum to use daily. Now, if you’re wondering how to use vitamin C serum, here’s a step-by-step breakdown:

Dr G Gentle Facial Foam

Step 1: Start cleansing your face with a cleanser like the Dr G Gentle Facial Foam. Make sure to use lukewarm water. This removes any dirt, oil, or makeup that may prevent the serum from being absorbed into the skin.

Step 2: After your face is clean and dry, apply a small amount of vitamin C serum onto your hands. Massage it on the skin focusing on areas prone to ageing, like the forehead and the eyes. You can also get a dedicated vitamin C eye serum for the under-eye region if you prefer gentle formulations.

Step 3: After applying the serum, wait for a minute or till it is fully absorbed. Then, use a moisturiser to nourish and protect the skin and apply sunscreen if it’s daytime.

Conclusion :

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that encourages collagen production to help improve the appearance of fine lines. It is a game changer when you know how to use vitamin C serum correctly in the routine!

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