Kakadu Plum Skin Benefits for A Vibrant Complexion

Kakadu Plum Skin Benefits for A Vibrant Complexion

Six Kakadu plum skin benefits you stand to gain from making this powerhouse ingredient a part of your daily routine

Did you know that Kakadu plum has fifty times more vitamin C than an orange? Apart from the impressive glow-boosting and pigmentation-reducing properties. Numerous other Kakadu plum skin benefits have made this Australian superfruit the new must-have beauty ingredient.

What is a Kakadu plum?

A fruit native to Australia, a Kakadu Plum is touted as being the richest source of vitamin C on Earth. Known for its powerful antioxidant and brightening properties. This miracle ingredient is very effective in tackling an uneven and dull complexion. It also contains the natural nutrient gallic acid. Which is works as an antioxidant on the skin to combat free radical damage caused by the sun, pollution, and other environmental stressors. The rich and all-natural vitamin C content of Kakadu Plum helps improve the skin texture and colour. After all, you get a more glowing and even skin tone.

What are the Kakadu Plum skin benefits?

Here are six remarkable skin benefits that make this star ingredient worth adding to your skincare routine:

Reduces signs of ageing

Constant exposure to free radicals from pollution and UV rays can cause premature ageing. It is an anti-pollution powerhouse that contains Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) five times more than that of blueberries to effectively tackle oxidative stress and prevent the formation of dark spots and break down of collagen and elastin, resulting in youthful and radiant skin.

Helps soothe symptoms of eczema

The antibacterial properties of gallic acid and the anti-inflammatory properties of ellagic acid found in Kakadu Plum help with breakouts by killing acne-causing bacteria and diminishing inflammation found in inflammatory acne. Moreover, its high vitamin C content effectively averts post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation - dark spots caused by picking at a flare-up.

Relieves sunburn

Vitamin C present in Kakadu Plum stimulates cell turnover and replaces the damaged skin cells with new ones. Vitamin C and vitamin E present in this superfruit has been shown to soothe sunburns and reduce inflammation caused by considerable UV exposure. Its high vitamin C content also enhances the efficacy of sunscreen and boosts the skin’s healing process.

Lightens dark spots

The high quantity of vitamin C present in Kakadu Plum obstructs melanin production that causes skin discolouration like brown spots and hyperpigmentation. Regular topical use may deter dark spots from forming in the first place. This unique property of vitamin C reduces dark spots without changing the natural pigmentation of the skin.

Provides hydration

It's emollient properties soothe and soften dry, flaky skin. Furthermore, its seed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that not only moisturise the skin but also promote wound healing. The presence of vitamin C in Plum is also clinically proven to assist the skin in retaining moisture without making the skin too oily. It hydrates dull and grumpy skin while enhancing its natural radiance to reveal a healthy and youthful shine.

Brightens complexion

Unprotected sun exposure and pollution can make the skin look dull and lacklustre. Some excellent Kakadu skin benefits comprise brightening properties that revive tired skin and impart a more even and bright complexion by reducing patches of both, dark skin (hyperpigmentation) and dark spots. It adds a natural luminance to the skin, making it look fresh and radiant.

How to incorporate Kakadu Plum skin benefits into your routine?

Drawing from ancient Ayurveda and combining natural extracts with skin-safe science, the Dr. G Kakadu Plum and Orange Glow Gel is a superstar moisturiser designed to trigger collagen production, minimise fine lines and wrinkles, restore sun damage, and control acne, with the presence of sodium ascorbyl phosphate (a stable form of vitamin C) supported by a potent combination of super nutrients including Kakadu Plum that further brightens skin and orange fruit extract that helps rid the skin of toxins, thus, preventing future breakouts. In short, the Kakadu Plum skin benefits will rejuvenate your skin to give you a glowing and radiant finish.

Pro tip: Give a gentle massage with Face Rose Roller for greater product penetration.

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