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Skincare Fridge: Is It Worth Your Investment?

Should you buy a skincare fridge? Here are a few elements to help you decide whether this doll-sized beauty treasure is worth your investment

Does the label on your skincare product say, “store in a cool, dry place?” If yes, then a skincare fridge is worth your money.

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What is a skincare fridge?

A skincare fridge is a mini version of your regular fridge, except that it is meant solely for your beauty products to keep them fresh and protect them from fungal growth due to a high temperature and humidity. This innovative appliance has a controlled environment and a designated temperature that improves the shelf life of skincare products.

What are the benefits of storing products in a skincare fridge?

These aesthetically pleasing mini refrigerators not only enable your products to last longer but also help enhance their application experience. Here are some significant benefits of a skincare fridge::

  1. For your facial tools

The extra cooling effects of refrigerated face tools, like gua sha and jade rollers, can provide you with an early morning boost and a brighter complexion by stimulating blood circulation beneath the skin. Moreover, the calm surface of these tools will help facilitate lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness.

  1. For your creams

Day creams, when stored in a fridge, are more effective in reducing puffiness, enhancing firmness, and minimising pores. Under eye creams also work better when applied cold.

  1. For your facial mists

Facial mists, post-refrigeration, can inject your skin with the necessary moisture, especially on a hot summer day. A colder version of these mists will instantly refresh dull and tired skin.

  1. For your sheet masks

Cooler sheet masks can provide you with a hydrating, brightening, and tightening effect. Applying chilled masks will not only help minimise puffiness, but their cooling impact may also reduce redness and inflammation.

  1. For your serums
    Active ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, and benzoyl peroxide are unstable and break down when exposed to light or heat. The cooling effect of a skincare fridge can keep them safe and stable. Furthermore, exposing skin to cooler temperatures increases exfoliation and facilitates the removal of dead skin cells, giving way to brighter and healthier skin.

Which skincare fridge should you consider?

If you are looking for a compact and wallet-friendly refrigerator to keep your masks and tools fresh and cold, the Dr. G Beauty Fridge is perfect for you. The appliance comes with a car and home charging cable and provides sufficient space to transform your gel/cream moisturisers, sheet masks, facial mists, and beauty tools into supercharged anti-inflammatory and depuffing weapons that will help combat dull and tired skin. It also contains a hot switch and can be used as a towel warmer. This skincare fridge will level up your beauty organisation, and its chic style will easily fit in with your overall room aesthetics.

Pro Tip: Store Dr. G Butterfly Gua Sha in the mini-fridge for an excellent depuffing experience.

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