The Best Face Wash For Your Skin Type

The Best Face Wash For Your Skin Type

To help you perfect the most basic skincare step, here is a low down on the best face wash for your skin type

Washing your face is a non-negotiable part of every day routine. While there are endless options to select from, it is imperative to choose the best face wash for your skin type. A product that suits your concerns will help eliminate unwanted particles like dust, makeup, and build-up, without damaging the protective barrier of the skin.

Why is it important to use the best face wash for your skin?

A great cleanser does more than remove excess make-up and dirt. It nourishes your skin, leaves it feeling refreshed, and maintains optimal skin health. To find the best face wash, it is important to follow an individualised approach. Your cleanser should suit your skin’s needs and maintain its protective barrier to keep germs and bacteria out, while effectively cleansing it without clogging pores.

We know that finding the best wash can feel like a daunting task, and that is why we are here to make your search for the right cleansers easier. Here are our top picks of the best face wash for each skin type:

Best face wash for dry or sensitive skin

If your skin feels tight after washing, your cleanser is probably too harsh. Opt for gentle cleansers that will deeply clean and nourish your skin. It is also important to avoid ingredients like salicylic or glycolic acid that are too harsh and can cause irritation for dry, eczema-prone, and sensitive skin. Try the Dr. G Gentle Facial Foam, which has a feather-light foam consistency that calms the skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. It will not cause tightness or strip your skin of its natural oils. With moisture-locking ingredients like green tea and glycerine, it cleanses without over-drying.

Best face wash for oily or acne-prone skin

While a natural amount of oil is important to keep our skin soft and supple. Too much of it can result in a greasy shine. To stop the oil in its tracks, it is imperative to lay the proper foundation for your skincare routine by choosing the right cleanser. The Dr. G Sebum Control Face Wash works to clear the skin and balance sebum production. The gentle yet rich formula deeply cleanses pores while clarifying acne and purifying the skin. It is infused with tea tree oil, which helps calm redness and irritation associated with acne.

Pro tip: Apply the Aloe Vera Gel post-wash to moisturize your skin. It works amazingly well for oily and sensitive skin types. With soothing properties and ingredients, it can relax and heal the skin.

Best face wash for combination skin

Having both oily and dry skin can be challenging. The key is to find a cleanser with a sophisticated balance of ingredients that hydrate the dry areas without over-moisturising the oily parts. The best face wash for combination skin would be one that treats oiliness and enlarged pores but does not leave the skin feeling stripped. Once again, you can rely on our Dr. G Gentle Facial Foam. It boasts a nourishing formula and gently removes dirt without disturbing the skin’s natural oil balance, leaving you with smooth, clear, and moisturised skin.

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