Which Face Wash You Should Use

Which Face Wash You Should Use: A Quick Guide

Everyday, your face goes through numerous things. Absorbing and fighting dirt and pollution is one of them. Basic cleansing is the key to clear and healthy skin. You must choose the right face wash based on your skin type to get the most suited products. The skincare industry is flooded with a plethora of face washes, and hence, choosing the right one gets challenging.

Here's a breakdown on how you can choose the ideal face cleanser for your skin.

Why use face wash daily?

Cleansing your face daily is important to get rid of dust and debris accumulated throughout the day. While the go-to choice is using soap, a face cleanser is a better choice as it is significantly gentler and designed specifically for the facial skin. Moreover, it is infused with various nutritional ingredients that can make your skin healthier without disrupting your natural skin pH.

Best face wash for different skin types

With so many different products flooding the market, making the right choice about face cleanser can get tricky. Here we have shared two face washes by Skin by Dr G which are suitable for specific skin types. Get to know the benefits and ingredients of the products and you can easily choose the suitable one for your skin.

Dr G Sebum Control Face Wash

Sebum Control Facewash

As the name suggests, Dr G Sebum Control Face Wash is designed to control sebum production in oily and combination skin. It is a foaming face cleanser that refines the skin pores and removes excess dirt and sebum. As a result, it can prevent blackheads and acne.

It contains Capryloyl Glycine which can restore the skin’s acid mantle. As a result, the skin cell renewal is accelerated. It can also help to remove all the dirt and bacteria on the skin's surface and unclog the pores. This further prevents breakouts and controls excess sebum production.

The face wash also contains ingredients like salicylic acid and tea tree oil that prevents acne formation at its root cause. The ingredients also help calm the redness caused by acne and also minimise skin irritation.

Dr G Gentle Facial Foam

Dr G Gentle Facial Foam

A foaming face wash that is very gentle on the skin— Dr. G Gentle Facial Foam is designed for dry and sensitive skin. It contains green tea extracts and AHA which gently exfoliates the skin. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which brighten and hydrate the skin.

Many types of environmental stressors affect our skin. Especially dry and sensitive skin is prone to damage like skin flaking and irritation. But the gentle foaming face wash can remove the dead skin cells and calm the irritated skin when used daily. It contains ingredients like glycerine and niacinamide which are humectants and help to hydrate the skin.

Which face wash is best for you?

The key difference between the face washes is in the ingredients they have. While the sebum control face wash has ingredients like salicylic acid that prevent sebum production and control the oil, the gentle foaming face wash is packed with humectants like niacinamide. Hence, it retains moisture and hydrates the skin better.

Now that you know the different face washes from Skin By Dr G and their benefits for each skin type, selecting the right one would be simple. Gift your skin the right products and witness positive results with consistency.

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