Your Go-To Guide to Holi Skincare 

Your Go-To Guide to Holi Skincare 

Happy Holi! Celebrate the Holi festival with these Holi skincare tips.

If you have your colours ready, why let your skincare take a backseat? While the Holi festival is reflective of vibrance, joy, and warmth, the celebration often comes with a splash of synthetic pigments, which can harm our skin. Follow this pre- and post-Holi skincare guide for a healthy, radiant, and happy Holi.

Holi skincare do’s and don'ts

Here are a few things you should and shouldn’t do if you are celebrating the Holi festival:


  1. Apply sunblock
  2. Only use organic colours like turmeric, sandalwood paste, or organic gulal
  3. Use gentle skincare products before and after playing with colours
  4. Use a soothing face and eye mask before going to bed to hydrate parched skin
  5. Wash your skin using cool water as hot water can react with the colours, thus making them stick to the body more
  6. Drink lots of water


  1. Don’t exfoliate your skin 48-72 hours before and after the Holi festival
  2. Avoid clinical or in-salon treatments like facials, peels, and lasers 5-7 days pre and post celebration
  3. Don’t use colours that contain copper sulphate, lead oxide, and mercury sulphate
  4. Avoid the use of retinol, AHA’s, and BHA’s 2-3 days before and after the Holi festival to prevent skin irritation and rashes

Pre-Holi skincare tips

  1. Moisturise: Add a plumping and hydrating moisturiser to your Holi skincare for a strong skin barrier. This will hydrate your skin and prevent colours from getting absorbed into it. The more moist your skin is, the less likely colours will stick.

For dry skin, we recommend a rich moisturiser like Dr. G HA Intense Moisturiser. It contains advanced hyaluronic acid that provides 24-hour hydration. The presence of coconut extract helps retain moisture and restore suppleness.

For oily skin or sensitive skin, opt for a gel-based natural moisturiser like the Dr. G 99% Aloe Hydra Gel. Aloe vera is a natural moisturiser that contains healing and soothing properties. It works to calm skin while preventing irritation that may come as a result of the Holi festival.

  1. Use ingredients like vitamin C and vitamin E: Building up your skin’s resistance to outside oxidants is key. Ingredients like Vitamin C and Vitamin E can help to protect skin from free radicals, so adding them to your routine for the Holi festival can help. Dr G Active C Serum offers an intense antioxidant action as it contains vitamin C and vitamin E. Furthermore, this miracle formula is non-irritating and is suitable for sensitive skin types.
  1. Use face oil: Face oil can do wonders for your skin. It can form a protective layer of good fat on the skin to protect it from harmful colours. Even for oily skin it can balance the oil production and avert onset of acne while shielding the skin from chemicals.

Try Dr. G Face Oil which contains essential oils like grapefruit and lavender oil that act as antioxidants to protect skin against sun damage and free radicals while also soothing inflammation. The presence of antioxidants, fatty acids, and hydrating ingredients makes it suitable for all skin types.

  1. Use sunblock: Make sure you top up the moisturiser with a good sunscreen with at least an SPF of 30 and preferably one that is sweat-proof. Apply it not only over your face and neck, but all exposed areas.

Post-Holi skincare tips

  1. Double-cleanse: This will allow you to get rid of any Holi colours. Use a gel or foam cleanser that will cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Avert overzealous washing of your skin as that can cause micro-injuries. We recommend Dr. G Gentle Facial Foam. It is made with Green Tea and Tea Tree extracts and is rich in antioxidants that gently remove dirt without disturbing the skin’s natural oil balance, leaving you with smooth and clear skin.
  1. Apply a soothing mask: What can be better for your Holi skincare than a hydrating mask that contains natural cleansing properties? The Dr. G Moringa Glow Pack helps eliminate toxins and impurities to give you a flawless and radiant finish. It is a holy grail for people with oily skin as it helps minimise pores and soak the excess sebum from the skin.
  1. Use an eye cream: The thin skin around the eye needs all the care it can get, so applying an antioxidant-rich eye cream around the area can hydrate and re-energise the delicate under-eye area. Try our Dr. G Eye Bright Cream. It contains natural bio actives like camellia sinensis extract, hyaluronic acid and peptides that protect and brighten the delicate skin.
  1. Moisturise: Seal your skin in a moisturiser to alleviate dryness. If your skin still feels irritated, calm it using Dr. G Avo Glow Mist. It works to soothe inflammation and makes your moisturisers and serums absorb better too.

Have a happy Holi and bookmark this pre- and post-Holi skincare guide for vibrant skin throughout the Holi festival.

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