How To Choose A Summer Skincare Routine

How To Choose A Summer Skincare Routine

Here’s your cue to build a well-thought-out and dedicated summer skincare routine for glowing and youthful skin

The summer is almost knocking at the door and it is high time to upgrade your summer skincare routine to match the season. The heat, sun rays and high moisture during this season call for products and habits to keep the skin cool and prevent sunburns.Based on your skin type, you need to choose products which are generally soothing and give protection against the sun and heat. High SPF, cooling ingredients and formulas, and mild and non-comedogenic are some criteria to note while choosing products for your summer skincare routine.


A summer skincare routine must consist of masking, especially if you have oily or combination skin. Clay masks soothe the skin and also clear the pores and control sebum. The Dr. G Moringa Face Pack is designed to suit every skin type. It has anti-inflammatory properties and does not dry out the skin. It is a glow-boosting pack, enriched with hyaluronic acid that helps to retain moisture. Masking twice a week will suffice during the summers.

Moringa Glow Pack


Cleansing is the basis of all skincare routines, irrespective of the season. Especially during summer, when choosing a cleanser for your summer skincare routine, choose one that is gentle and soothing. Sebum control cleanser is a better choice for oily and combination skin. Determine your skin type and accordingly choose the cleanser for it. Look for oil-free cleansers for the summer with ingredients like aloe vera, mint, niacinamide and hyaluronic acid.


It is crucial to use a good toner for your summer skincare routine, to restore the hydration of your skin after cleansing. A good toner also provides vital nourishment for your skin and restores the sebum balance. Especially in the summers, if you use a toner after refrigerating for a while, it soothes the skin and the pores are minimised. The Dr. G Avo Facial Mist is the perfect choice to instantly refresh your complexion and get a radiant glow. It nourishes the skin deeply and provides ample hydration.

Dr G Avo Glow Mist


Serums are lightweight products, which are ideally suited for the summer, irrespective of skin type. It gets absorbed quickly and hydrates your skin well. Incorporating a serum like the Dr. G B3 Super Serum helps to control the oil production in the skin which is one of the major issues in summer.

Another versatile choice would be Dr. G Active Vitamin C Serum. It neutralises the damages caused by harmful radicals in the environment. It has ingredients that possess anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory properties that also promote skin healing.

Active C Serum


The last step is moisturising the skin. During summer, use a gel-based moisturiser for any skin type. For extremely oily skin, water-based products are more suitable. For your morning routine, include a high-SPF sunscreen and moisturiser before you go out.

Few tips for summers

Apart from a steady skincare routine, we have a few more tips for the summer that will help to get the maximum out of your product:

  • Refrigerate your skincare products to get a cooling sensation every time you use them.
  • Never forget sun protection gear like umbrellas, scarves and hats even if you use sunscreen.
  • Drink a lot of water throughout the day.
  • Focus more on keeping the pores clean to prevent acne and blackheads.

Stay prepared for the summer heat so that your skin stays healthy, plump and youthful. With products from Skin by Dr. G, you can make sure you get results that are long-lasting and ensure optimum health.

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